Periodical and American Studies Symposium

keynote announced: Faye Hammill on society magazines at the NAPS symposium

Network of American Periodical Studies

American into Periodical Studies

British Library Conference Centre, 18th December, 2015

A one-day Periodical and American Studies Symposium, organised by NAPS (Network of American Periodical Studies)

The first NAPS symposium explores and debates some of the theoretical, methodological and practical implications of the rise of periodical studies for American Studies. Papers analyse the publication, production, dissemination and reception of American periodicals from the colonial to the contemporary periods and reflect on how periodical studies might provide new ways of thinking about and interpreting the cultural history of the Americas. To what extent, for instance, does the study of periodicals challenge the boundaries circumscribing ‘America’ as a nation? What is the role of the American periodical in the public sphere and how has it changed? How do periodicals map the spaces of America? In what ways do periodicals reinforce and/or transgress the divide between literature and journalism? How does the…

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