Radical America Guest Speaker Announcement

Announcement: Special Guest Speaker for the 2nd NAPS symposium “Radical America” on May 20th is Abe Peck, the former editor of the Chicago Seed  and author of Uncovering the Sixties: The Life and Times of the Underground Press.

Chicago Seed_0002

Abe will discuss the rise and fall of the Chicago Seed as a proxy for the hundreds and hundreds of radical papers that emerged in the 1960s. His talk will cover a wide sweep of experiences from the paper and its role in key radical movements: from the Yippies and the ’68 Democratic Convention to an obscenity bust to eventual extremism and sectarianism. From owned to collectivised The Seed was involved in numerous movements of the era: one issue celebrated both the gay and Native American revolutions. The Seed was also one of the best-illustrated papers of the era, including underground comix.

Other speakers will discuss: Black World during the 1970s; The New Masses 1926-48Sex and the radical imagination in the Berkeley Barb and the San Francisco Oracle; sex and nudity in The Masses; Dennis Cooper’s Little Caesar ; American Women’s Prison Zines; French visual culture in 1960s American avant-garde periodicalsWhite Space and Racial Rhetoric in The Citizen Magazine; New Left magazines in the 1960s, including Radical America. The day will include a discussion about archives, censorship, conservation and digital preservation. There will also be a wine reception and launch of The Keep’s collection of the New Masses magazines.

The full programme for the day will be published soon, in the meantime you can reserve a place by booking at Sussex University’s online shop: http://onlineshop.sussex.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=86


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